Opportunities for Youth


During the project Opportunities for Youth, we had planned to undertake various projects, workshops, discussions, seminars, and initiatives concerning opportunities for studying, working, or participating in projects abroad. Our goal was to provide guidance on securing funding and scholarships. We aimed to introduce non-formal education to as many schools as possible, making all the world’s possibilities accessible to young people.

At that time, it was well known that there were numerous projects available for participation. However, the main challenge was the lack of awareness among people. Many were unaware of „non-formal education“ and were skeptical about its being offered free of charge. To address this, we had already compiled a database of high schools and orphanages from all across the Czech Republic. Our plan was to travel to these institutions, conduct presentations, and organize workshops specifically focused on Erasmus plus opportunities. Following that, we intended to provide information and discussions about other foundations and organizations such as the Kellner Foundation, Bakala Foundation, Open Society Fund, United World Colleges, LEAF Academy, etc., and extend this information to those with fewer opportunities.

Our primary aim was to disseminate information to schools about the opportunities to participate in Erasmus programs. We were also eager to engage with schools catering to inclusion children, ensuring that non-formal education reaches as many young individuals as possible. We were enthusiastic about introducing non-formal educational approaches to anyone interested in learning about them. All participants were to be invited to collaborate with us, attend our workshops, and even join us in various projects.

We had envisioned organizing intriguing discussions, workshops, and debates in collaboration with youth non-formal organizations and those focused on active citizenship, mental health, and non-formal education. Some of the organizations we had planned to collaborate with included Annabell, Yoda Mentorship Program, and the Czech High School Union. All these activities were intended to be open to the public, taking place at our location in the center of Prague.

Additionally, we had planned to offer webinars covering topics such as foreign schools and their educational programs, budget-friendly travel options, extracurricular activities, active citizenship, and European values. We also intended to impart skills to the youth on writing effective CVs, personal statements, and essays, as well as providing guidance on how and when to apply for their desired national or international educational institutions or jobs.